LAING&CO is an award-winning graphic design studio committed to connecting the world to the value of businesses and products. In the end, we build great brands.

There’s no cookie cutter approach here. Businesses are unique and each one has a different starting point. That’s why LAING&CO examines the needs of each client individually to determine the best resolutions to their particular challenges.  Rather than placing your company into a fixed, rigid branding process, we focus on creating a brand methodology around your specific needs.

We are thinkers. We are problem solvers. We analyze each new project thoroughly from a fresh viewpoint and then create a plan of action to provide you with exciting deliverables that will exceed your expectations.

In the end, we think your customers will agree.

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What We Do

Let’s be honest. Today’s world is inundated with more brands than ever before. But more doesn’t equate to better. The best ones deliver a vivid story.  We’ll tell yours.

Our philosophy is driven by “Brand Integrity”: defining your true value and embedding it into the hearts and minds of your customers. 

We aren’t here to construct a simple visual image that will represent your company or product. We offer pioneering design solutions that will answer who you really are, or whom you want to become. laing will ensure those you wish to reach know what your about.

High-impact connections with your audience. Communications that truly speak to your customers. Achieving a memorable brand experience. That’s what our team of writers and designers brings to the table. Strong messaging and powerful, yet elegant, imagery are hallmarks of LAING&CO repertoire 
A tangible product makes a great first impression. We aim to inspire. To be different. To innovate.  To enhance your brand.
The web is the perfect place to illuminate your brand and engage your online customers. Your company’s web environment should be informative. But don’t stop there. Engage your clientele in a way that makes them feel your brand. We’ll help by turning your online platform into an experience.
Designing by hand is not a lost art. It’s an old school skill that brings a modern flare to your image. Some of the most vivid, compelling designs are hand drawn. We’ll prove it.
What’s in a name? It’s what makes you different. It’s what helps a product resonate with customers. It’s what inspires a client to take action. Whether you’re unveiling a new product or line, or seeking the right name for your business, LAING&CO will help you find name that transcend simple words.



We have trusted LAING&CO with all of our marketing needs since inception.  They are true artists that have an uncanny ability to capture the design that is unique to each business.  They are reliable and have always exceeded our expectations.  Partnering with LAING&CO is essential if you are looking to develop a well respected and lasting brand identity.

David Alfonso, CEO, Empire Investment Holdings


We really enjoyed the brand development of Uchenna.  LAING&Co had a clear strategy for design.  The development of our logo and packaging design exceeded our expectations.  We will use LAING&Co for all our creative deliverables. We love Marvin!

Sherry Clark, Founder, Uchenna


LAING&Co are a pleasure to work with and understand our brand positioning.  We use them to launch one of our new lines and they delivered with impressive results.  I look forward with work with LAING&Co in the near future.

Vince Wargo, Brand Development, Timberland USA


Laing&Co provided an extremely professional and courteous service in designing our new website. Marvin was a pleasure to work with and guided us through the entire process, providing valuable advice and support as we worked to plan. LAING&Co truly have captured our brand identity within our website and we are delighted with the end result!

Ian Hutchinson, Business Development Project Manager, The Expanded Metal Co.